Zane Winslow and Thalia Chase meet each week at the Therapy Café to answer  your lesbian relationship questions.

Meet Zane Winslow

Zane Winslow, forty-seven, is the pastor at Faith United in Champaign, Illinois.  She married her lovely wife Jaina nearly eleven years ago on New Year's Eve.  They have two children, Bonnie Kate (BK), ten, and Jonah, twelve. She earned her doctorate in Pastoral Counseling two years ago from the Chicago Theological Seminary, where she now also teaches.

Zane loves too cook when she can find the time.  She cherishes her red 1960 Thunderbird which belonged to her father before he passed.



Meet Thalia Chase

Thalia Chase, thirty-seven, runs a private therapy practice in Nancy, Kentucky with her sister René where she specializes in sex therapy. She's in a new relationship with Amara Liakos, who runs a horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky.  She has no children and doesn't plan to have any in the future. She earned her undergraduate in Psychology in Dayton, Ohio and her Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling from Chicago Theological Seminary. She met Zane and Jaina during an internship at the adoption agency associated with Faith United.

Thalia loves Lake Cumberland.  She kayaks every morning, weather permitting, and gets out on her pontoon boat, Three Graces, and her jet ski as often as she can. She's often seen in a blur as she takes the winding roads of Nancy at top speed in her 1984 silver Corvette convertible left to her by her father upon his passing.